Veeck Commentaries, Reel 3.

Footage of Veeck in different locations talking about various topics, several interviews, music for Veeck specials, and multiple takes of narrator voiceovers. Reel 3.

00:05Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:22Copy video clip URL Veeck in his home, in front of a fire place, in the middle of an interview. The topic is about promotion and hustling fans.

2:18Copy video clip URL Footage of home runs being hit by the White Sox in Comiskey Park. Very faint audio of commentator.

3:09Copy video clip URL Screen goes to black.

3:22Copy video clip URL Roger Wallenstein: “Take Seven. Bill Veeck (as in wreck) is a singular man in baseball history.” He gives a bio of Veeck’s career.

4:40Copy video clip URL Black screen. Cut to Veeck giving an outro for his show “Bill Veeck’s Saloon.”

5:29Copy video clip URL Veeck in a bar talking about buyers for the White Sox. Cut to black.

5:59Copy video clip URL Shot inside Comiskey Park. Brief interview with a fan. Cut to black.

7:20Copy video clip URL Footage during a night game at Comiskey Park, one at-bat–a White Sox is struck out to end the inning.

9:38Copy video clip URL Footage of White Sox playing the Yankees. Cut to black. Tape rewinds through and replays the same footage.

11:31Copy video clip URL Countdown. Open to night game at Comiskey Park vs. Orioles. Footage of a beaming fight between the opposing pitchers. Footage of a double play. Cut to black.

13:13Copy video clip URL Music of Veeck walking around Wrigley Field. Veeck giving a monologue in front of a black backdrop (see Veeck Commentaries, Reel 1) talking about “The impact of money on the game.”

14:46Copy video clip URL Narrator introducing segment about money in baseball. Cut to black.

15:08Copy video clip URL Veeck’s Saloon with Al Lerner and Jerome Holtzman. The topic is expansion vs. a new league. Holtzman is in favor of expansion. They discuss where these new teams would find players.

17:23Copy video clip URL Mengelt introducing Veeck’s Saloon. Topic is officiating/umpires. Veeck: “Umpires don’t have a sense of humor!…they’re meat heads, that’s what they are!” Brief promo. Cut to black.

21:40Copy video clip URL Music over black.

24:45Copy video clip URL Michael Franks-“Baseball”

28:43Copy video clip URL Terry Casham-“Cooperstown”

32:37Copy video clip URL Tommy Edwards-“It’s All in the Game”

35:32Copy video clip URL Theme to Charlie Brown.

39:07Copy video clip URL Seventh Inning Stretch, organ playing “Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.”

40:59Copy video clip URL Roy Rogers- “Happy Trails”

43:30Copy video clip URL Narrator, Roger Wallenstein: “Voiceover 1, take 1.” He gives Veeck’s bio and descriptions of many of Veeck’s career highlights. Wallenstein goes through several takes and then records several takes of the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh voiceovers.

1:02:09Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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