[Archival baseball footage]

Old film transfers about baseball history, including segments about Micky Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, and Babe Ruth. The second half of the tape is video from "Bill Veeck: A Man for Any Season" with poor audio.

00:10Copy video clip URL Announcer introducing Hank Greenberg in the 1945 World Series .

00:57Copy video clip URL Segment about Micky Mantle–several at-bats.

2:13Copy video clip URL Back to Micky Mantle, and then a segment about Jackie Robinson, including several at-bats and footage of Robinson stealing home from Yogi Berra.

4:21Copy video clip URL Brief intro about Ted Williams. Cut to black.

4:47Copy video clip URL Back to introduction. Segment about Kurt Flood, several at-bats in a game against the Red Sox.

7:08Copy video clip URL Catfish Hunter. Narrator discusses the “reserve clause” in players contracts. Ron Santo invokes the 10-5 rule.

9:05Copy video clip URL “MLB Productions.” Countdown. Introduction to Babe Ruth and the new Yankee stadium, and his successful race to break his own record of 59 homeruns in a season. The year is 1927.

11:41Copy video clip URL Segment about Babe Ruth in the film industry and his fame.

13:22Copy video clip URL Humorous segment about Babe Ruth’s fitness regimen.

15:46Copy video clip URL Segment about Cubs’ World Series against the Yankees.

17:55Copy video clip URL Open to Pete Rose batting against Mark “the Bird” Fidrych. Play-by-play of the game.

21:00Copy video clip URL Press conference with Fidrych, who never was really into baseball growing up. He meets Gerald Ford. Slow motion footage of him in a game.

23:34Copy video clip URL Slaughter vs. Satchell Paige.

24:00Copy video clip URL Third Annual Negro League Reunion.

24:19Copy video clip URL Segments about Bob Feller and Joe DiMaggio.

29:02Copy video clip URL Segment about Casey Stengel, manager. Including an interview and a speech after having accepted the Mayor’s trophy.

33:25Copy video clip URL WLS-TV Countdown. Valenzuela pitching. Cut to black.

34:29Copy video clip URL “Bill Veeck, History, Take 7.” Roger Wallenstein narrates Veeck’s bio.

36:09Copy video clip URL Bryant Gumball introduces a segment about Bill Veeck.

37:34Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about monetary changes in the game. Transition to segment about Charles Finley and the new era of free agents and “big spenders.”

39:49Copy video clip URL Countdown. Opening of “A Man for Any Season.” Audio is bad.

41:00Copy video clip URL Footage from “A Man for Any Season” beginning with Rudy Schaefer. Audio is bad. See tape #15092.

48:07Copy video clip URL Brief clip from “Comeback”, tape #15086. Bad audio. Cut to black.

49:00Copy video clip URL Back to footage from “A Man for Any Season.” Bad audio. Cut to black.

49:55Copy video clip URL Back to same footage. Bad audio.

51:09Copy video clip URL Interview with Bowie Kuhn, from “A Man for Any Season.”Cut to black.

52:10Copy video clip URL Back to “A Man for Any Season.”

53:23Copy video clip URL Veeck: “One thing I can take pride in is that I wasn’t forced into the mold of consternation.” Segment about Eddie Gaedel, the scoreboard, and his other promotional schemes.

55:32Copy video clip URL Segment about his forced retirement when Veeck (and doctors) thought he had a brain tumor.

56:30Copy video clip URL Veeck smoked five packs of cigarettes a day. Segment about Veeck and his family.

58:29Copy video clip URL Older footage about pitchers. Cut to black.

59:15Copy video clip URL WLS-TV countdown. Video about a baseball manager. No audio.

1:00:19Copy video clip URL WLS-TV countdown. Footage of Billy Martin charging an umpire.

1:02:05Copy video clip URL Footage of an empty Wrigley Field during a players’ strike.

1:02:35Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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