[Voices of Cabrini raw: barbershop – neighborhood footage]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the city of Chicago. This videotape features interviews with George Robbins and his customers in his barbershop on 456 W. Division Street. There are also multiple shots of the Cabrini-Green buildings.

0:03Copy video clip URL Open to a woman standing in George Robbins’s barbershop. Robbins’s brother, Moe, is haggling with a woman over some clothing for her son.

7:23Copy video clip URL Static.

7:30Copy video clip URL Cut back to a man rolling merchandise into the barbershop.

9:17Copy video clip URL A customer gets his haircut. The customer, George, and Moe chat.

14:39Copy video clip URL Color bars. Cut to a shot of Division and Clybourn in front of the “Peace in the Hood” mural. Long shot of one of the Cabrini buildings.

15:43Copy video clip URL Close up of a sign for Seward Park.

15:56Copy video clip URL Shot of Seward Park and the Cabrini high rises behind it.

16:04Copy video clip URL Static.

16:08Copy video clip URL Another shot of Seward Park sign and the high rises behind it.

16:37Copy video clip URL Shot of a Cabrini high rise and a family playing in the park. Audio of children asking filmmaker Ronit Bezalel questions about filming.

17:10Copy video clip URL Shot inside Seward Park. A young boy runs up to the camera and returns to his family. The children are still asking Bezalel questions.

18:49Copy video clip URL Two young boys interviewed by Antonio Ferrera. One of the boys has a hard time giving his address. Another boy talks about his favorite parks in Cabrini.

20:16Copy video clip URL More pans from the “Sammy’s Red Hots” sign and Gold Coast skyline to a Cabrini high rise, 1150-1160 N. Sedgwick, “The Rock.” A peddler tries getting money from the crew. They stand on Division Street.

22:28Copy video clip URL Shot of Bezalel standing in the street. She walks down the sidewalk. Several more takes of the pan from the skyline to the Cabrini high rise.

25:08Copy video clip URL Shot of tennis players off Division Street.

25:50Copy video clip URL Cut to an intersection on Division outside Old Town Wine and Liquors  Video of a horse and buggy making its way down the street.

27:10Copy video clip URL Shot of the Division and Wells intersection signs. Another shot on Division.

27:32Copy video clip URL Shot of the Cabrini Green sign. Shot of the Division and Sedwick sign.

28:02Copy video clip URL Shot from an intersection looking out onto Robbins’s barbershop.

28:12Copy video clip URL Pan from a Cabrini high rise to the barbershop.

29:22Copy video clip URL Shot on Division. Robbins’s babershop.

29:38Copy video clip URL Shot of the skyline, then the high rise, then Robbins barbershop.

29:58Copy video clip URL Shot in front of the barbershop.

30:18Copy video clip URL Inside Robbins’s barbershop. He’s giving a customer a haircut.

40:34Copy video clip URL Another customer sits down. Robbins explains the goal of the documentary being filmed, which, he says, is to show the positive aspects of the Cabrini-Green community.

47:11Copy video clip URL A customer enters the barbershop. Robbins shows him the various ephemera on the wall.

52:13Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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