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  • [Indian Point, April 1979]

  • The Last Supper: Saralin at Home

    Transferred from 1/2″ open reel. Continue reading

  • Jackie Curtis / Anton Perich (Artist Photographer) / Candy Darling

    00:03 The tape opens on a group of people sitting around in an apartment. They speak at length about a variety of topics. 02:35 One man asks to hear about a person named Harriet. 04:40 Two people discuss a prank they’d like to play on their friend. When Susan arrives, they pretend to not know who she is. 07:00 A few of the people pass around a bust of a man, using it to construct an outfit for one of … Continue reading

  • Sioux Sundance

    Rosebud Reservation SD / Wounded Knee 1972 / Crow Dog Old Medicine Man /
    Leonard Crow Dog (Son) and Russell Means  / Reel 1 and Reel 2 / also may have a still photo of me
    taping it. Transferred from 1/2″ open reel. Continue reading

  • TVTV Supervision

    TVTV Supervision

    00:07 “New York City – 1948.” A group of men gather around a storefront as a couple wheels a TV out of the shop. “Supervision: Tales of Television. It’s Television.” Group of people from the neighborhood watching TV in the living room. The owner blocks the TV and they all yell at him to move.  2:07 TV show of women dancing. Director and choreographer argue. Texaco show song. Back in the living room, everyone laughs at the show. “A TVTV … Continue reading

  • Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish

    Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish

    00:00 “Abbie Making Gefilte-Fish.” Camera person narrates Abbie Hoffman and Laura Cavestani beginning to cook the gefilte-fish in a dramatic voice. Hoffman sings while cooking. Footage of them cooking. They describe some of the ingredients they are adding in. He describes the final dish. As he continues to cook, he describes the textures and smells to the camera. 11:30 Hoffman tells a story about cooking gefilte-fish in the Virgin Islands. He describes the difficult cooking process, and then having it … Continue reading

  • Welfare TV

    Welfare TV

    00:02 Color bars.  00:57 Camera opens on a TV program by TVTV. Two men argue about societal problems in a scripted show. The conversation moves to the use of marijuana and other recreational drugs.  9:30 The two men walk out of the house together.  9:50 Cut to shaky footage of two people from TVTV speaking about the program. They sit and watch some news footage. Difficult to hear all audio, and the camera remains focused on the two people. 13:12 … Continue reading

  • Free Lunch

    Free Lunch

    TVTV demo for a show where they take high profile guests out for lunch. Continue reading