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  • Inside The Baffler, 1993

    Inside The Baffler, 1993

    Today, we look back at the early years of The Baffler, a literary journal which was published out of Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood for more than 20 years. Praised for its critiques of mass media and business culture, The Baffler came from a strong “do it yourself” ethic inspired by punk rock music and the advent of personal computers, which helped move cultural production out of the hands of big businesses and into the hands of everyday people. In this 1993 interview, Thomas […]

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Roger Ebert]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Roger Ebert]

    This tape contains raw footage for the television show “Chicago Slices.” In this video, videomaker Doug Sawyer interviews film critic Roger Ebert during a reading and signing of his book, “Behind the Phantom’s Mask.”

  • [Chicago Slices raw : Gordon Walek review #16]

    [Chicago Slices raw : Gordon Walek review #16]

    Gordon Walek review #16

  • [Studs Terkel interview for Charlie Rose, part 3]

    [Studs Terkel interview for Charlie Rose, part 3]

    This is part three of a forty five minute interview with Studs Terkel. In this tape, Terkel briefly talks about the lack of imagination in the television world, his son Dan, and the humor of the human race. Terkel also leaves an amusing message for Charlie Rose.

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