[Latino Youth Alternative School]

A profile of the Latino Youth alternative high school, located in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.

01:32Copy video clip URL The narrator announces the video to be a portrait of the Latino Youth Alternative High School, including the people who teach at and attend the school. Significant distortion. 

02:03Copy video clip URL Joanne Fuentes, a part time employee at Latino Youth, discusses her role at the school and the goals of the school. 

02:50Copy video clip URL Mike Vasquez, a program director, discusses his job and working with students. He discusses his previous role at Basta, a methodone clinic, and his research that led to a job at Latino Youth. The school’s goals to both serve the students in the community and to demonstrate to the larger educational system the validity of alternative methods of instruction. 

05:10Copy video clip URL Eli Grenados, coordinator of information and outreach (“something like the supervisor of the street workers”), discusses his work overseeing activities and trying to deal with students who may not be serious about learning. 

07:26Copy video clip URL A classroom in session, with brief narration in Spanish. 

08:25Copy video clip URL Two students, Frank and Beto, talk about their classes at the school. They talk about the school as a whole and discuss the illustrations on the outside of the building. 

11:18Copy video clip URL A conversation with other students about the differences between the alternative high school and the public high schools. They appreciate the more individualized instruction at Latino Youth. 

14:00Copy video clip URL Inside the art class taught by Ruth Bowman.

17:58Copy video clip URL Rudy Mendez, a street worker and outreach counselor, discusses his work with students and the ways in which he works to help students deal with problems and to communicate with each other. Difficulties in getting student to maintain attendance, which Mendez attributes to the students’ difficulties dealing with their previous schools and previous teachers. He discusses the nature of the student body and how they need to be engaged with. 

28:03Copy video clip URL Daniel Solides, education administrator, discusses the need for an alternative high school in the neighborhood. Signification video distortion. He discusses the need to address Latinx culture and history in the curriculum. Comparing the progress of the school in its short existence with that of other schools. 

31:05Copy video clip URL Future development of the school and goals for the immediate future for the administration and the teachers. 




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