[CAM Academy interviews: Alternative Schools, Abortion]

Students at Chicago's CAM Academy interview each other and perform for the camera. The tape ends with a lengthy conversation and debate between female students about abortion.

00:10Copy video clip URL Set-up. Some distortion. Discussion with the camera operator of keeping the image in focus. 

01:23Copy video clip URL The interviewer explains that they are at CAM, where they are “taking surveys and whatnot.” He speaks to a young woman named Debbie who doesn’t want to talk on camera. 

02:02Copy video clip URL A new location. Young men pretending to be famous mobsters like Al Capone and Pretty Boy Floyd. 

02:59Copy video clip URL A new location. The camera operator uses the camera to talk to young women. He asks them why they aren’t at a public school. One of them, Alice, talks about why she’s not at a public school. 

06:12Copy video clip URL Young people hanging around in a room. One of them demonstrates his skill with nunchakus.

08:02Copy video clip URL Brief snippets of conversations. 

08:35Copy video clip URL Interview with a teacher in the art department. She immediately gets a phone and has to leave. The filmmakers turn around and speak to another teacher, who expresses the need for alternative schools to provide education for young people who don’t fit in well to the conventional schooling system. 

11:27Copy video clip URL Another nunchaku demonstration, with commentary from the filmmaker. 

12:48Copy video clip URL Discussion with the martial artist, followed by another demonstration. 

14:40Copy video clip URL A classroom. 

16:02Copy video clip URL Interview with a student named Enrico Taylor, who talks about his goals in life and his reasons for coming to CAM instead of public schooling. He had difficulties, he explains, with the  public school’s different and sometimes conflicting sets of demands. “I’m not looking for an easier way out. I’m looking for a future, an education, for something that will help me, that will get me over quicker than my time. Like I said, I want to take life as it comes, and I think CAM is a pretty nice school. I enjoy the teachers. I enjoy the work…. I think I’m working at my level. The work is not too hard but it isn’t easy.” 

18:22Copy video clip URL Enrico addresses the camera. He interviews Marvell Payne, another student, who discusses his goals and the system of education at CAM Academy. Marvell discusses the seemingly arbitrary restrictive rules of public schools. Marvell and Enrico talk about the differences between public schools and alternative schools. 

22:52Copy video clip URL A classroom. A young woman interviews fellow students about abortion. The conversations includes students who have had children and students who have had abortions. They discuss the moral aspects of abortion and the need for preventive measures, as well as the decisions a woman might make in cases of sexual assault. The conversation gets increasingly contentious and emotional. 



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