CamNet, episode 1102

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

02:02Copy video clip URL CamNet title card followed by footage of an LA mountainous landscape over “The Dump.”

02:22Copy video clip URL The videographer walks through the dump as Jody Procter discusses the items found there–“you know you could build hundreds and hundreds of houses with the things that are just thrown away.”

11:33Copy video clip URL CamNet program break and ads.

13:32Copy video clip URL Footage on a street with police and citizen interviews about a woman’s pro-choice demonstration occurring in New York. The women chant “our bodies, our lives, our right to decide.” Police take certain protestors into custody as they chant “no choice, no peace.”

18:30Copy video clip URL The videographer speaks to other reporters about their experience and thoughts on the demonstration. 

20:04Copy video clip URL The footage freezes as a police officer approaches the videographer to take him into custody.

20:14Copy video clip URL Video of a man playing the harmonica in Hollywood as people wait to see Clayton Moore, who played the Lone Ranger, be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Interviews are pieced together with clips from the show. One woman says that “the Lone Ranger means everything that represents good to me in this world.”

21:25Copy video clip URL Moore walks out to address the crowd. He jokes and thanks the crowd–“this star that I’m going to receive today belongs to you fans…that have backed me all my life. Thank you.”

22:35Copy video clip URL Moore’s star is revealed.

23:05Copy video clip URL Moore talks to his fans and answers interview questions. More tv clips are shown.

24:53Copy video clip URL CamNet program break and ads.

26:53Copy video clip URL Footage of a people climbing down a billboard of a hanger. The woman strips down naked and then a red paint balloon is thrown at the billboards and she screams.

28:30Copy video clip URL The videographer talks to people on the street about the demonstration and it’s meaning for the pro-choice movement. 

33:07Copy video clip URL In Honolulu, Hawaii, two men discuss their art space/nightclub and people visiting it. One of them discusses the club as “male bonding.”

35:36Copy video clip URL The videographer enters the club. One of the men explains how the club works, such as splitting up the drinkers and non-drinkers. He says “there’s nothing really exciting about this place except it’s exciting for me…I liked going to the living room with my friends and that’s what this is.” 

39:18Copy video clip URL The videographer speaks to some of people at the club about why they visit.

41:02Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

43:03Copy video clip URL The videographer records occurrences in Venice, CA, such as a demonstration against the meat industry.

46:42Copy video clip URL Footage of a surfer in Santa Monica, followed by a conversation with him. The videographer discusses the issue of pollution and trash on the beaches with him and other surfers. They question the affect of pollution on their health and the health of the animals.

50:39Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

52:39Copy video clip URL The program returns to “The Dump” and Jody Procter. He states that “if you went to dumps regularly you could become kind of obsessed with thing…it’s a horrible thing to just see [them] go away into the dirt.”

54:25Copy video clip URL A man bring more stuff to put in the dump and talks to Jody.

55:17Copy video clip URL Credits roll over footage of their conversation.



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