[Chicago Slices raw : Mike Murphy at WSCR – darts with Ben Hollis]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features footage of DJ Mike Murphy of The Mike Murphy Show at WSCR "The Score" AM-670, followed by a few segments where a person throws a dart at a map of Chicagoland and then Ben Hollis takes the crew there to see what they find.

00:00Copy video clip URL B roll footage from a car driving around at night in Chicago, followed by various shots of a radio tower at dusk.

01:12Copy video clip URL External shot of the WSCR radio station, followed by a shot of an employee typing rapidly on a typewriter and doing other office work in his cubicle while the radio plays.

04:40Copy video clip URL Mike Murphy and other employees set up before the radio show begins.

06:41Copy video clip URL The show begins with Mike briefly covering the evening’s list of sports-related topics.

08:30Copy video clip URL Mike talks about some news concerning the Chicago Cubs.

14:00Copy video clip URL Mike talks about a player named Kevin Butler dropping a pass. Then he takes a call from a caller named Mitch, who wants to talk about the Chicago Bears’ offense in a recent game. He and Mike talk about the current football season.

17:19Copy video clip URL Mike answers a call from Tim, and they talk more about the Bears. Then he gets another caller named Dave on the line.

19:50Copy video clip URL Mike takes a call from Willy, who lives on the South Side.

21:21Copy video clip URL The traffic report, followed by some advertisements.

24:35Copy video clip URL A list of birthdays is read on the air, and then Mike Murphy takes more calls from listeners.

29:50Copy video clip URL Mike wraps up the show and signs off. Then he talks about how he felt about that evening’s show, and he and the cameraman discuss some sports predictions.

41:00Copy video clip URL Mike talks about going to the races.

42:00Copy video clip URL Footage from a different segment: Walking down the street in downtown Chicago, Ben Hollis asks a man to throw a dart at a map of Chicago, in order to determine where to film for the day. It lands near Hawthorne Woods.

44:35Copy video clip URL Now at the pinpointed location, Ben describes the suburban area. He walks past a cemetery and a church, and then sees a few people who he wants to interview. They’re unloading a delivery truck at the nearby school. Ben goes into the school and interviews a woman named Pam who works there. She talks about running a fundraiser for the school, selling food. She takes him to see the fundraising operation, and introduces Ben to various workers.

52:40Copy video clip URL Ben asks Pam to throw the dart to determine the next destination for the show. It lands on Swift Road in Glendale Heights.

56:40Copy video clip URL Now at the new location, we see two boys playing baseball. They explain that they are in Lombard, and they introduce themselves as Danny and Chris, both sixteen years old. They talk about working at a nearby hotdog stand. Other teenage boys enter the scene, and they all play catch. Ben asks one of them to throw the dart for the next location.

01:01:20Copy video clip URL The dart is thrown and it lands in Lake Michigan.

01:03:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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