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Discussion between teachers and students of Chrysalis, an alternative high school in Chicago. Topics include courses that will be offered and planning for their upcoming talent show.

00:09Copy video clip URL A crowded room in which teenagers are standing or seated – on chairs, on the floor, on couches. A bearded man assures them that Chrysalis is very good preparation for college. 

01:31Copy video clip URL A teen asks if there are any psychology classes at Chrysalis. Another asks about classes on Classical Theory. Lots of conversation among the attendees. 

02:10Copy video clip URL A white board, with class subjects listed. The teacher writes more subjects on it as students name them. 

04:24Copy video clip URL The teacher explains that the school is working with a writer to publish an article, and possibly a book, about the school and the different ways that people learn. They discuss the subjects and the plans for a spring trip, including possible destinations and fundraising options. 

07:23Copy video clip URL Discussion of a trip to North Carolina to visit an organization that helps workers treat brown lung and other ill health effects. Discussion of other destinations with educational appeal.

10:02Copy video clip URL The students discuss and vote on subjects for classes. 

16:30Copy video clip URL Discussion of upcoming schedules, including days off. Some image distortion.

18:50Copy video clip URL Discussion of the film that will be screened that day, which deals with the health effects of nuclear bombs, and of the upcoming talent show. Students goof around for the camera. 

22:50Copy video clip URL Acts performing for the talent show and other planning. Conversation among the students. 

28:35Copy video clip URL Several students yell out “ELLEN!!!” at a student who walks into the room. She waves at the camera. Conversation among the students. One student shows off their t-shirt, which sports an illustration of a marijuana leaf and the words “Rock and Roll Chicago.” 



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