[Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 2]

Interviews and musical performances celebrating Appalachian culture in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood alongside the unveiling of a student-painted mural depicting coal miners.

00:08Copy video clip URL Sidewalk chalk briefly visible, reading: Alternative Schools Video Projects presents Everything Must Change.

00:15Copy video clip URL A youth walks on the sidewalks. He eventually meets up with another teen. Their dialogue is inaudible. 

01:50Copy video clip URL A bald man goofs around for the camera and sings a song. He talks about working in factories and other jobs that he’s held, then sings another song.  

07:45Copy video clip URL Martha Belcher, a middle-aged white woman from Pikeville, Kentucky, talks about coal mining in her hometown. They talk about a mural depicting coal mining and the interviewer, a teenage girl, asks her questions about mines and mining. 

11:22Copy video clip URL Her two times going inside a mine, which scared her. She points out details on the mural.

12:22Copy video clip URL Machinery used in the mines. The number of union mines in Kentucky and West Virginia.

14:14Copy video clip URL Not wanting her sons to work in the mines. What people in Chicago understand or aren’t aware of about coal mining. 

15:56Copy video clip URL Strip mining in West Virginia and Kentucky. The dangers of strip mining. 

17:01Copy video clip URL Moving from Kentucky to Chicago to find work. Others who have done the same. 

18:34Copy video clip URL A student speaks about the mural, which she explains is dedicated to the Southern Appalachian people of Uptown, many of whom were miners before they moved to Chicago. She acknowledges Mr. Marion Kline, whose recollections of coal mining were the basis for the painting. 

20:04Copy video clip URL A bluegrass band plays an instrumental, followed by “I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky.” 

23:20Copy video clip URL A version of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” followed by “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” 

28:01Copy video clip URL Another song, with the camera focused on the crowd. 

30:34Copy video clip URL A group dance, with everyone holding hands in a circle. A caller yells out instructions to the dancers. 



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