[Five news stories from 1992]

This series of five news stories from 1992 includes coverage of the Clinton/Gore campaign, welfare cuts in Michigan, and the Chicago flood, as well as a segment from the "Fighting Cancer" series which aired on the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour.

0:00Copy video clip URL Title screen, “Elizabeth Brackett, Correspondent MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour.”

0:04Copy video clip URL Start of first segment, “Bill Clinton Bus Tour”. Brackett covers the Clinton/Gore bus tour from St. Louis to the Twin Cities. Phil Specht, the Clayton County Democratic Chairman, wants to make sure that Clinton talks about farm policy while campaigning in Iowa. Clinton and Gore were three hours late to their scheduled stop in Clayton County, but it was considered a success.

4:35Copy video clip URL Start of second segment, “Michigan Welfare Cuts”. Brackett speaks to Frank Maute in Detroit, who was out looking for work early in the morning, but he was unable to find any. Maute was “one of the 83,000 Michigan residents whose $144 a month State GA grant had been cut off”. GA was the state’s welfare program of last-resort, primarily for poor, unemployed adults who do not qualify for other programs. Governor John Engler cut the grants to deal with the state budget deficit and avoid raising taxes. Engler says he aims to break dependency on a failed welfare system. However, work can be difficult to find in Michigan, which has an above average unemployment rate.

8:58Copy video clip URL Start of third segment, “Chicago Flood”. Extensive damage was caused by the flooding of the Chicago River. County workers have begun trying to salvage the old records from the flooded basements of a government building. The Carson, Pirie, Scott department store is still closed ten days after the flood. The Chamber of Commerce estimates that business losses will add up to $1.5 billion.

11:35Copy video clip URL Start of fourth segment, “Two Faces of Cancer”. Brackett speaks to Bill Peterson, who is dying of lung cancer. She also speaks to 12-year-old Ivy Sharpe, who is expecting to make a full recovery from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The chances for survival depend greatly on the type of cancer and when it is discovered.

14:18Copy video clip URL Brackett speaks to Peterson, his wife, and his oncologist about the illness, his treatment, and how it has affected his life. Peterson had lived longer than expected since his diagnosis, but he is becoming sicker and his prognosis is not encouraging. His wife is unsure how to plan for the future.

21:12 Ivy will end her chemotherapy in six months, and her family is planning for the future. Test results show that Peterson’s cancer is worsening, and he dies weeks later at the age of 47.

23:18Copy video clip URL Start of the fifth segment, “Host Chicago Tonight”. Brackett sits in for John Callaway while he is on vacation. Brackett reports on Bill Clinton’s visit to Chicago, where he is picking up the endorsement of 400 top business leaders. He also held a voter registration rally in the south side. The panel argues about Clinton’s draft controversy.

25:52Copy video clip URL Closing title screen.

26:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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