[Interviews with former gang members and Carpentry apprenticeship program]

Interviews with former gang members in Chicago, including several that are now part of an apprenticeship program in which they are learning carpentry. Tape also includes portions of an instructional video about IEBGENER punch-print card computing.

00:25Copy video clip URL A sign reading “Latin Queens.” Another reading “Almighty Sunshine Latin Queens.” An interview with two young women about joining the Latin Queens. “We had a meeting once and we decided what roles we were gonna play. I was the warlord. There were like two warlords… I believe it was me and Connie. We were the warlords and there was a treasurer, president, this and that.”

00:52Copy video clip URL The warlord’s job to be at the front of any fights. 

01:10Copy video clip URL The previous answer is replayed. 

01:52Copy video clip URL An interview with two other women about fights they’ve been in. “In order to fight and survive you gotta get seriously hurt.” 

02:19Copy video clip URL The first woman shares the Latin Queens’ motto: “I’m a rack ’em and stone ’em queen to the bone […] / When I die place two shy guns across my chest and tell the queens I did my best / We have no pity in Latin Queens’ city.” The other woman adds “Queens to the bone / Never turn to stone / Queens to the heart / never fall apart.” 

02:44Copy video clip URL Over footage of the women walking on the street, voiceover interview about growing out of the Queens. 

03:15Copy video clip URL The first woman explains that she quit the Queens because she wanted to do something better and more ambitious with her life. 

03:42Copy video clip URL Interview with a young man about getting out a gang because he was looking toward a future and a family. 

04:24Copy video clip URL There being nothing in his neighborhood to offer young people but the gang. The local gangs are all just “Latino people which really got to get together.” 

05:35Copy video clip URL Interview with a young man about why he’s learning carpentry. 

06:14Copy video clip URL A young man in a carpentry shop, making a handle for a toolbox. He explains the machinery briefly and talks about learning carpentry on the job. 

08:25Copy video clip URL Another interview about learning carpentry. 

09:00Copy video clip URL An interview with Jacqueline Negredi, “one of the first women carpenters in the program.” 

09:37Copy video clip URL An instructional video about “print punch” data sets. Two people sit discussing early computer print punch functions. 

13:34Copy video clip URL Onscreen text combining the words “Card,” “Disk,” “Print,” and “Tape.” “Tape to Card,” etc. “IEBGENER” 

14:12Copy video clip URL Discussion of transferring data from one medium to another and changing the organization of a file set. Other functions.

17:28Copy video clip URL A skit in which a man rolling dice at a desk gets a phone call: “Well, I’m having a pretty bad day now that you ask. I’ve been sitting here all afternoon rolling these stupid dice and writing the numbers down on my coding sheet. […] Well, I’ve got this program to test and I need some random numbers for test data and I thought I could get random numbers by rolling dice.” 

18:28Copy video clip URL Return to the infomercial hosts, who discuss generating data with the IEBGENER system. 

23:20Copy video clip URL End of instructional video. 

27:20Copy video clip URL Young people posing with a police officer on a sidewalk. The young people mugging for the camera. 

28:29Copy video clip URL End of tape. 



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