Image Union, episode 0301

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Every Saturday night" by Craig Somers, "Grandmother's Bedtime Story" by Michael Hitchcock, and "It's Not Like That No More" by Rudy Horn.

0:00Copy video clip URL “Every Saturday Night” by Craig Somers.  Black and white film documentary about professional wrestling.  We see the athletes warming up, the crowd gathering in the ring, and can feel the energy and excitement developing in the arena.  There are some brief interviews with fans and wrestlers, but there is so much ambient noise that the words are hard to understand. Features Dick the Bruiser.  According to a fan: “Bruiser…he’s the best.  When Bruiser comes, the blood comes.”  We see the Bruiser in a match.  Afterwards, the wrestlers have some interesting things to say about the psychology behind wrestling. “People make it or break it, and I don’t care if they like me or don’t like me, as long as those turnstiles keep clicking.”

15:22Copy video clip URL “Grandmother’s Bedtime Story” by Michael Hitchcock. Color film. A vindictive grandmother gets back at her grandson for not wanting to go to sleep by telling him a story about a princess in a similar situation. It is a lesson about what happens to children who complain about going to sleep, featuring a series of terrifying monsters and bloody attacks. Even after the princess learns her lesson, she still continues to be attacked by more creatures and is killed. As bloody as a B-horror movie.

21:00Copy video clip URL “It’s Not Like That No More” by Rudy Horn. Horn, a former vaudeville performer, found his color films from the early thirties through the late forties in his basement. They feature live vaudeville performances and home movies of the performers on their days off. Horn speaks over the films and talks about the performers and the demise of vaudeville.

28:45Copy video clip URL Closing credits.



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