Image Union, episode 0220: Five Shorts

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Television Answer Man," "Skippy Peanut Butter Jars" by Copper Giloth, "Campaign" by Tom Palazzolo, "Short Train Short" by Jeanne Meyers, Mark Cavanagh, and Tom McMahon, and "Russian Rag" by Joseph McGarry.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:05Copy video clip URL Television Answer Man. Color video. A would-be TV anchorman (Marshall Efron, of Great American Dream Machine fame) is responding to questions from an imaginary audience. He explains how the Nielsen Ratings work and how they can affect a particular show. Good TV spoof but very real marketing economics. “You think about that – 50 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong, but 50 million Americans can.”

3:03Copy video clip URL Skippy Peanut Butter Jars by Copper Giloth. Computer generated animation with meditations on the male-dominated structure of the art world and its obsession with the female form.

6:52Copy video clip URL Campaign by Tom Palazzolo. August 1968. Impressionistic view of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Distorted footage of Abbie Hoffman, cops in riot gear, protests, people sleeping in Lincoln Park, police barriers, Richard J. Daley in a hard hat, audio of speeches, Daley, and news reports.

19:50Copy video clip URL Short Train Short by Jeanne Meyers, Mark Cavanagh, and Tom McMahon. Illustrations and manipulated images of trains.

22:55Copy video clip URL Russian Rag by Joseph McGarry. Film spoof. Comedic spy movie from the point of view of a KGB agent.

28:54Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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