[Inside Spring Training raw #38]

Raw footage for the documentary "Inside Spring Training," a look at the 1978 Chicago White Sox pre-season preparation. Second day in St. Pete. Workout, locker room, Bosley to bus.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with color footage from inside the Chicago White Sox locker room during spring training. Players are seen changing out of their uniforms and eating a little lunch.

02:23Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a White Sox pitcher, now in black and white. Cameraman Skip Blumberg interviews the player about his and other players’ performances during spring training. The interview gets cut off after about two minutes.

04:18Copy video clip URL Cut to color footage of two teammates talking about pitching performances in the pre-season and going over technique. Blumberg then interviews one of the players, Stan Thomas, about his work during spring training. The pitcher says that he’d like to get some video of his pitching so he can see what he’s doing wrong. He also talks about his improvement during spring training. “It felt pretty good, you know? Every day felt a little bit better, just a tad better, so that’s what you’re here for, you know? Gradual improvement, you know? So as long as you can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, it makes you come back the next day with a little bit of enthusiasm, you know?” The pitcher then talks about his pitching technique and his hopes to make the team.

08:09Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Thad Bosley and a fellow teammate walking off of the field and into the locker room.

08:34Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of palm trees near the practice field.

08:49Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a White Sox player doing drills out on the field. Blumberg interviews interviews the player about his time spent in the Mexican Baseball League, his aspirations to make the team, and his experience in spring training. “Well, I feel real good because it seems like someone is going to give me a chance to play. You know, I’ve been playing eleven years and I’ve never really had the chance to play. I mean I’ve played every day in the Minor Leagues but it’s different from playing every day then someone giving you a chance to play. You know, because people can like you, but if the right person don’t like you, it don’t do no good.” This lasts for several minutes.

13:00Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from inside of the locker room. Players are seen changing out of their uniforms and getting ready to leave the practice facility for the day.

19:38Copy video clip URL We follow Thad Bosley as he makes his way out of the locker room to the team bus. Blumberg asks Bosley about his aspirations to play in the MLB.

20:35Copy video clip URL Cut to another shot of a palm tree blowing in the wind near the White Sox practice field. Blumberg continues to gather footage from outside of the facility. Blumberg also speaks with a few other players as they make their way onto the bus.

22:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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