[John Mengelt interviews Bill Veeck]

John Mengelt interviews Bill Veeck.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:09Copy video clip URL Title card: John Mengelt, Bill Veeck, 1/12/84, Cut 3.

00:25Copy video clip URL Mengelt describes his own tenure “around humanistic experiences” and his knowledge of sports in comparison to Veeck. Mengelt maintains that his own knowledge brings insight into “What’s in the heart of a player…”

1:51Copy video clip URL Veeck: “I guess I have had the same kind of spectrum…” Veeck lists his various experiences in sports.

2:22Copy video clip URL “I’ve always felt I should pay instead of getting paid for this work.” Veeck gives anecdotes.

3:12Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Now sports aren’t as much fun. You see, when you were playing in Italy I would presume you took precaution with your body…”

3:47Copy video clip URL Mengelt: “Is the [bar goer] the real sports fan?” Veeck: “There is no one single sports fan.” A brief discussion follows about sports fans.

4:51Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

5:07Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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