[John Mengelt interviews Bill Veeck]

Cuts 1 and 2 of John Mengelt's interview of Bill Veeck.

00:05Copy video clip URL Idle chit chat over black.

00:15Copy video clip URL Title card.

00:33Copy video clip URL Veeck and Mengelt at interview desk. Veeck is talking about George Steinbrenner. Mengelt is reading the paper. Both are unaware that cameras are rolling.

1:11Copy video clip URL Veeck begins an anecdote about journalist Mike Royko.

1:37Copy video clip URL Veeck is interrupted. Mengelt begins the interview: “Bill, we were discussing the inflationary process that’s going on in sports today…how is it that Walter Payton can be paid $2,000,000 a year?” Veeck: “Oh, I don’t think he will be paid that…” They are discussing ownership in football and salary increases.

3:42Copy video clip URL Mengelt: “If the networks have something they can sell they will come up with the money.”

4:16Copy video clip URL Mengelt: “Is baseball afraid of another league?” Veeck: “They will have to accept the competition.”

5:30Copy video clip URL Veeck says that Larry Bird earns his salary by drawing people to the game. Only a few people in baseball can do such a thing. Veeck: “In baseball you don’t have the stars any more…who will people want to go to see?”

6:15Copy video clip URL Mengelt “Are the stars really talented or are they projects of the media?” Veeck: “You can make a ballplayer known, but you can’t hit for him.”

7:33Copy video clip URL Mengelt: “You can’t sell hockey to anybody!” Veeck maintains that baseball salaries began going up because of owners’ egos.

8:23Copy video clip URL Break for commercial.

8:45Copy video clip URL Title slide for second cut.

9:20Copy video clip URL Second cut begins. Mengelt: “Bill, from money in professional sports to money in the NCAA…” Bill laments a moral lapse in professional sports. Mengelt: “Bill, are you saying the NCAA has more dirt than professional politics?”

10:46Copy video clip URL Mengelt: “Donations for funding of the school were down $2.5 million” when Auburn had a losing season. Mengelt asks a rhetorical question regarding whether cheating is necessary in this scenario. Veeck: “Who teaches coaches to cheat?” Veeck again laments moral lapse in NCAA and sports in general.

12:16Copy video clip URL Mengelt: “There has to be a change in how we educate these young men.”

13:10Copy video clip URL Mengelt maintains that college gives a kind of “life” education. He is playing devil’s advocate against Veeck, who is trying to say that large scholarships and bloated funding within the NCAA are signs of a bad thing.

14:02Copy video clip URL Veeck attempts to describe feudalism as an extended metaphor for amateur/professional relationship.

15:10Copy video clip URL Break for commercial.

15:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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