[Lakeview Academy / Lane Tech interview]

An interview with a student named Tom about Lane Tech, an alternative high school in Chicago.

00:05Copy video clip URL Setup. Some video distortion throughout the tape. 

00:35Copy video clip URL Interview with Tom, who’s wearing sunglasses indoors. He talks about cutting class because he works at night and sometimes parties afterward and it’s difficult to wake up in time for the morning classes. 

02:12Copy video clip URL Tom’s classes and the homework or studying required. Punishment for cutting classes. It being easy to cut classes. Discipline for tardiness. 

05:50Copy video clip URL The similarities between discipline at public high schools and at Lane, an alternative high school. 

08:15Copy video clip URL Where Tom goes when he’s cutting class. 

08:45Copy video clip URL Whether Tom would go to a private high school. What he’s learned at the print shop in Lane. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Plans for future college courses after graduation, including getting a degree in electronics from Illinois Institute of Technology. 

11:02Copy video clip URL Whether Tom has benefitted from attending Lane. 





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