[Lake View High School: Burger King interviews]

Interviews with students at Lakeview Academy about their school, filmed at a nearby Burger King.

00:08Copy video clip URL Judy Hoffman, supervising the production, instructs the student filmmakers to do a test. 

00:21Copy video clip URL Interview with two teen girls sitting at a table in the Burger King about Lakeview Academy. They talk about the teachers and students cutting classes and the lack of punishment for students at Lakeview. 

02:11Copy video clip URL Interview with another table of Lakeview students. One talks about cutting classes. They chat further about the school, and about the difficulties of getting to school for first period. 

04:05Copy video clip URL Another Lakeview student, a teen girl. She talks about Lakeview, which she generally likes except for one teacher. She talks about the differences between public and private schools. 

08:21Copy video clip URL Footage of customers at the Burger King, including Lakeview students. 

10:15Copy video clip URL Conversation with a group of teen girls standing in the dining room. They talk about cutting classes. They don’t approve of the principal, who they find to be prejudiced against Puerto Ricans. They discuss discipline in the school and its relative strictness, as well as how much they learn there. They compare public and private high schools. 

15:20Copy video clip URL Discussion of plans after high school and how well Lakeview prepares them for careers and college. 



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