Larry Wert #1

Tom Weinberg and Patrick Creadon interview Larry Wert, the general manager for WMVP, The Loop, and a few other radio stations in Chicago.

0:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg and Patrick Creadon go to the office of Larry Wert. They talk about the changes that have happened recently and how their ratings have been affected. Wert talks about a lot of the biggest personalities in Chicago radio. Wert is the general manager of WMVP. They talk about the difference between ratings of television and radio. He talks quite a lot about radio real estate. Wert talks about trying to diversify their stations. He also comments about how the cyber world is affecting radio.

49:02Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of the lake shore from Wert’s office. Creadon asks about music on the loop and what radio means to a city. Wert talks about how radio is part of the Chicago lifestyle.

56:46Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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