[Latino Youth Housing]

Discussion among the members of a Latinx rights group in Chicago, a coalition of different community groups and neighborhood organizations.

00:08Copy video clip URL A meeting in which the speaker, in English and in Spanish, discusses the nature and obligations of the coalition. He opens up the discussion to the audience. One audience member asks the crowd what their priorities should. “Because there’s so many issues, how much effort do we want to put into all of them?” He worries that their efforts might be diffused among too many goals. 

03:44Copy video clip URL An audience member describes the history of the coalition: “The groups did not come together because they shared a priority; the groups came together because they recognized they were all being ignored. That every proposal that came in from Pilsen was being ignored. And they felt that through unity that they’d be able to get the attention of the city. 

07:55Copy video clip URL Discussion of the coalition’s origins and its first goals as a unified group, as well as its recent activities trying to put pressure on local government. 

12:56Copy video clip URL Further discussion, in Spanish. 

13:56Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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