[Latino Youth Interview with Disciples]

A discussion with young children living from Pilsen about gangs.

00:15Copy video clip URL Shots of graffiti. “Satan’s Disciples Nation.”  Some distortion. 

01:00Copy video clip URL Young children sitting with an adult woman. She asks them questions about gangs (or clubs) and about school. They talk about cutting class and getting high and fighting with other boys. 

03:48Copy video clip URL Getting picked up by the police for being out past curfew. 

05:06Copy video clip URL How they spend their time. Going to Racine and getting into fights. Not using weapons to fight other clubs. 

07:43Copy video clip URL The young boys talk about the older gangs. Hanging around Halsted and 18th. 

09:17Copy video clip URL Witnessing an incident in which guns were fired. 

10:33Copy video clip URL Other kids who aren’t in gangs being afraid of them and thinking that they’re cool. Conversation about sweaters. 

12:09Copy video clip URL Microphone cuts out. 

17:08Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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