[Cynthia Myers and the National Runaway Switchboard]

An interview of the National Runaway Switchboard's Cynthia Myers conducted by high school students from the Southern School, an alternative high school in Chicago.

00:03Copy video clip URL Interior footage. Speech inaudible. Buzzing on the soundtrack. 

11:33Copy video clip URL A student reporter named Mike interviews Cynthia Myers from the National Runaway Switchboard. She explains the National Runaway Switchboard, “a 24-hour 7 days a week telephone service for young people who either have run away or are thinking about running away.” 

12:25Copy video clip URL Most young people who call the service being between the ages of 13 and 17, and coming from every conceivable background in rural and urban areas. 

13:00Copy video clip URL The volunteers who work at the Switchboard, coming from throughout the Chicago area. There are some Spanish speaking volunteers but they are not equipped to meet the full range of language needs of people who call or might call the service. 

14:17Copy video clip URL Receiving more calls from girls than boys, though they believe that there are similar numbers of girls and boys who run away from home. 

15:36Copy video clip URL The number for the Switchboard. 

16:06Copy video clip URL Myers talks about her own experience as a teen runaway. “When I was 14 I ran away for about a day. I didn’t stay away overnight, because I didn’t know where to go.” 

17:41Copy video clip URL Myers asks Mike if he’s found in his research that the Switchboard is helpful. Mike talks about how it’s helped people that he’s spoken with. They discuss speaking with the service to get help for a friend, and doing so without providing any identifying details for your friend if you are uncomfortable. Always being anonymous when making a call to the service. 

19:35Copy video clip URL How to handle the situation if you are harboring a friend who has run away. Harboring being a short term situation that requires a more sustainable solution. Ways to help a friend who has run away.

22:31Copy video clip URL Local programs that help teens learn to live on their own when their home situation is untenable. 

23:30Copy video clip URL Myers chats with Mike about how the interview has gone. Discussion of inane interview questions from professional reporters. 



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