Rockin’ Randy

Short documentary by Brent Sekularac about Randy Ricci, a professional wrestler with a 20+ year career. Coming from an abusive family, Ricci conveys the hope and protection he found in wrestling.

00:07Copy video clip URL Title menu.

00:10Copy video clip URL Production credit: “Hebrew Inc. Presents.”

00:22Copy video clip URL Open to Randy Ricci lighting a cigarette, and an announcer from ACW introducing a wrestler.

00:35Copy video clip URL Title Song. Ricci narrating montage footage from the WWE and of his character Jerry Fox: “Pro wrestling and WWE in particular was a big man’s company, and I was a small man, but I was getting quite a bit of extra work.”

00:55Copy video clip URL Ricci talks about watching wrestling as a child and the hope he found in the personalities: “I could be like Bruiser or Crusher and I bet I wouldn’t get beat up anymore.”

1:22Copy video clip URL Title of film, “Rockin Randy,” over photo of Ricci bloodied after a match.

1:30Copy video clip URL In Elkhorn, WI, young men wrestling in a gym. Ricci, present day, gives his biography and an anecdote about his introduction into professional wrestling  leagues, including the WWE.

2:58Copy video clip URL Tries on his character Rockin’ Randy’s jacket. Announcer for the ACW introduces Rockin’ Randy.

4:20Copy video clip URL “The first escape I had from life was wrestling.” Ricci describes his abusive family life growing up. “At one point it became all-important to me, the opportunity to not be disrespected, because I felt so f**king humiliated.”

5:50Copy video clip URL He describes the comfort he found in the clearly established roles of good and bad in wrestling: “It was really easy to tap into, and probably in some way healthy, as a bad guy [it’s] very easy for me to piss people off because I’ve been doing it my whole life prior to that with my family…”

6:20Copy video clip URL Ricci: “If it’s in here [the heart], you love it, and you have that drive, then anything is possible.”

6:55Copy video clip URL Credits.

7:26Copy video clip URL End of DVD.


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  1. This was very cool to see. We have come to know Randy as great Dad and advocate for his children, an involved community member, and yes – sometimes a hot head. So great to have this video to give us some background that puts it into perspective. Nice job!

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