[Street interviews – Uptown 1]

High school students interview people on the streets of the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. They discuss the economy, treatment of the elderly, and the impact of Ronald Reagan's presidency on their lives.

00:02Copy video clip URL Rosalie Medina of CTVN interviews Victor Smith on the streets of Uptown in Chicago, who says that his dream is to become a full time lawyer. He plans to attend Arizona State University. 

00:40Copy video clip URL Whether elderly people are treated fairly. He discusses racism directed towards older people. 

01:40Copy video clip URL The impact of the Presidency on the lives of minorities in America. 

02:40Copy video clip URL Medina interviews an elderly white man named Robert Colt. He talks about “The American Dream” of getting rich. 

03:15Copy video clip URL Unfair treatment of the elderly.

04;15 The importance of the President. Discussion of the negative impact of Reaganism and the “sex maniacs” in the White House. 

05:30Copy video clip URL Medina interviews Bob Clark, who talks about potentially getting a government job if one was available. He jokes that his “American Dream” would be “to steal about 10 purses a day without getting caught.” 

06:40Copy video clip URL Clark thinks that the elderly are “getting screwed” and that the system needs to be wholly restarted. 

07:52Copy video clip URL Discussion of Uptown, which is “on the upswing.” He finds the mixed culture of the neighborhood to be “really interesting” and “nice.” 

08:42Copy video clip URL Medina interviews Tom Hearn. Hearn talks about the economic downtown’s impact on his life. 

09:17Copy video clip URL The American Dream being probably unattainable at the moment. His dream is to see America’s veterans receive the recognition they deserve. The need to respect the elderly and punish anyone who victimizes them. 

10:28Copy video clip URL Discussion of Uptown and Chicago. 

11:00Copy video clip URL Sandra Ariano interviews Miguel Morales, a Cuban immigrant, in Spanish. 

12:36Copy video clip URL Discussion of life as a refugee from Cuba. 

14:30Copy video clip URL Discussion of Uptown. 

15:39Copy video clip URL Medina interviews Frances J. Stack, who asserts his opposition to nuclear energy. 

17:00Copy video clip URL The filming is interrupted by a loud bystander. 

17:22Copy video clip URL Medina speaks with Joe McKay, who talks about jobs as the biggest issue impacting his life. He talks about the time he spends looking for jobs. 

19:02Copy video clip URL McKay talks about his dream that people will get along better. 

19:28Copy video clip URL Leonard Roberts speaks with a man named Jay about unfair treatment of the elderly. 

20:35Copy video clip URL Roberts speaks with a man wearing a cowboy hat and a strong southwest accent about whether he thinks he’ll be living in Uptown five years from now. “Shit. I hope to hell I ain’t!… Shit, there ain’t no damn work!” He interrupts a question about Reagan: “Reagan ain’t nothing but an asshole!… He ain’t nothing but a chump and that’s all he is!”

21:25Copy video clip URL The economy’s devastating impact on his welfare. “Do you have any hope that things will get better?” “Hell no! Not as long as Reagan’s in there!’

21:59Copy video clip URL Roberts interviews Fay Wray (“Honest to God!” she says about her name). She gets self-conscious and starts giggling and says “I can’t do it!” Roberts’ place is taken by another student. She talks about Chicagoans needing to clean up the city and to work together. 

23:26Copy video clip URL An unseen interviewer talks to an unnamed man who says that he doesn’t live in the neighborhood. 

23:46Copy video clip URL An interview in Spanish. 

24:54Copy video clip URL An interview, indoors, with Hank Jacoby, who lives in Bridgeport. He speaks about Bridgeport and about the building rehabilitation project in Uptown. They talk about possible gentrification and the economy. 

27:00Copy video clip URL The visual cuts out. The audio is distorted as they discuss the economy. 



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