[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Paul Tsongas at Ann Sather restaurant]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Senator Paul Tsongas appears at Ann Sather restaurant in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood to speak to the gay and lesbian community. In attendance: Joan Jett Blakk, the Queer Nation's candidate for President. Videomaker Skip Blumberg mostly just walks around talking to various attendees, who are for the most part quite articulate. Important moments are listed below:

00:00Copy video clip URL Newspaper that says “Clinton Surges.” Blumberg speaks with some patrons outside the restaurant where the Tsongas event is about to take place. Inside Ann Sather, a committeewoman points out people who have arrived. Blumberg argues about being put with the press for a while.

12:20Copy video clip URL Interview with Tom Tunney, owner of Ann Sather (and 44th Ward Alderman 2003-present), in the kitchen as he works. While allowing a Tsongas event in his restaurant, Tunney plans to vote for Clinton.

15:27Copy video clip URL Interview with Joan Jett Blakk’s campaign manager. Then, a good interview with a nervous young woman (Kathy Brookquist?), who says that she herself battles against apathy, but she cares too much about her future.

33:37Copy video clip URL Tsongas arrives and gives a campaign speech about surviving cancer, standing against a banner with his name and a rainbow flag.

39:12Copy video clip URL The speech is over, and people ask questions, mostly about AIDS and health care.

49:12Copy video clip URL Tsongas leaves, and Blumberg talks to people he spoke to beforehand for reactions. They criticize his health care plan, and were not very impressed. Michael Mahaley is still undecided but thinks that Tsongas is not electable.

55:46Copy video clip URL Joan Jett Blakk talks jokingly about Tsongas, calling him cute, and pointing out his expensive suit. Blakk also notes that Tsongas did not address any issue related to gay rights.

01:01:57Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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