[Protest of Chicago Public Schools: Title One/Angeline Caruso]

A protest in downtown Chicago against the drastic cuts to the Chicago Public Schools' budgets. Protesters demand funds for poor students and Latinx students, and demand an audience with Chicago Public Schools Superintendent Angeline Caruso.

00:08Copy video clip URL Young people getting off a school bus. Low visibility. 

00:46Copy video clip URL Inside a government building, protesters chant “We want title one!” and “We want Caruso!” (The latter chant refers to outgoing Chicago Public Schools Superintendent Angeline Caruso.) The protesters carry a large sign reading “Union de padres por una educacion mejor.” Police officers block the protesters from the stairs. 

03:02Copy video clip URL Police officers drag protesters outside the building, arresting some of them. The protesters continue chanting on the sidewalk as the police continue to make arrests. A sign reads “Pilsen + COPA Title 1 funds are for poor students. Mexican students are poor too. We demand funds!”

06:33Copy video clip URL Remaining protesters stand on the sidewalk. Chants continue with fewer people. 

10:44Copy video clip URL Snippets of commercials from broadcast television.

10:55Copy video clip URL Protesters continue chanting on the sidewalk. The chants slowly die out.  

15:15Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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