[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #40]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man For Any Season." Bill Veeck talks about politics, including his feelings on Nixon and Vietnam, in his Hyde Park home.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck sits at home having a conversation about politics. He says he was against the Vietnam War and even more against Nixon. Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Douglas were his heroes, and he felt that Nixon defamed Douglas by accusing her of being a communist.

05:00Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about marching against the war in Vietnam. “Because we felt it was basically wrong.” He says that based on where he lived, he was on the wrong side of every issue: against the war, against Nixon, in favor of desegregation.

06:30Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about geese-hunting in Maryland. He says they weren’t opposed to eating geese or killing geese. He objected to the hunters calling themselves “sportsmen.” He didn’t like that the geese were tricked and that they couldn’t fight back. He shows off a “Goose Award” with a “Hunting License for Humans” attached to its back.

09:01Copy video clip URL About East Shore, Maryland. “They lived in the 1860s or wanted to, or tried to. Except when it came to money. Then they managed to live in the 20th century.”

09:30Copy video clip URL He talks about opposing the programs in South and Central America, to the missile program, and the villainization of Russians. “We believe it’s possible to have dialogue with other humans if you have a chance.”

11:28Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about going into the Marines. He was 29. He was offered the chance to enter as a commissioned officer, which he turned down because he felt he was unqualified.

14:35Copy video clip URL He says he learned the reason why the military didn’t want 29 year-olds is because “On the first day everyone is charging up and down. On the second, the 29 year-olds need to sit down. On the fifth day, the 29 year-olds are lying on the ground.” Older soldiers don’t recuperate and regain their energy as quickly. The same logic applies in sports.

17:58Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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