[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #49]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for any Season." This tape features footage of opening day at Wrigley Field. Bill Veeck walks through the stadium, finds his seat, and sits in the bleachers. He eats nachos. There are various shots of the crowd.

00:10Copy video clip URL Inside Wrigley Field. Veeck buying a program: “What a wonderful hustle!”

1:38Copy video clip URL Veeck gets surrounded by fans. Goes towards his seat.

2:48Copy video clip URL Woman wishes Veeck a happy opening day. Makes his way through the crowd to his seat.

4:05Copy video clip URL Takes his seat next to his daughters.

5:10Copy video clip URL Close up of Veeck in his seat. Various people wave to him, send their regards. Crowd boos the opposing team.

6:58Copy video clip URL “Now don’t get them too far away!” Veeck refers to his nachos, which he hands for people to share, but worries that they will be passed down the row.

8:20Copy video clip URL WGN interviews him and puts a boom mic to his seat. They ask him why he is here on this day. Credence Clearwater Revival interrupts the interview. Veeck is at this game on behalf of Illinois Masonic Hospital, to say thank you.

12:33Copy video clip URL Shot of the crowd.

15:00Copy video clip URL Veeck watching game. Various shots of individuals in the crowd and the stadium.

20:49Copy video clip URL Veeck finishes his nachos.

22:26Copy video clip URL Veeck’s only reference to the game: “You’re out.”

22:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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