[Voices of Cabrini raw: old barbershop – Pratt narration – new barbershop]

Video from the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This videotape features George Robbins's barbershop days before it was demolished, Mark Pratt walking by new Cabrini-Green developments, and George Robbins's new barbershop at 160 W. Division Street.

0:07Copy video clip URL Open to Mark Pratt in George Robbins’s barbershop. Pratt tells Robbins about his family’s patronage of Robbins’s business. They talk about the changes they’ve seen in Cabrini-Green.

2:23Copy video clip URL Cut back to Pratt. He talks about how poorly built the new low rises are.

5:49Copy video clip URL Trevonte Pratt talks about Alderman Walter Burnett: “Really, he’s just trying to get us out of here.”

15:56Copy video clip URL Shot of a hole in the ceiling of Robbins’s barbershop. Water trickles through it into a bucket.

15:00Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

15:13Copy video clip URL Cut to the side of a Cabrini high rise. The Sears Tower is seen in the background.

15:34Copy video clip URL Shot of the skyline and the side of the same high rise.

16:16Copy video clip URL Shot of Pratt practicing an interview question: “Do you know of any African American tenants here? Do you know where?”

16:52Copy video clip URL Shot of the curb. Bezalel works on the audio: “What are the chances of you living in one of these?” They test the audio.

17:44Copy video clip URL Back to Pratt outside a high rise. He practices his lines again.

18:46Copy video clip URL Pratt explains that it is October 1998, and he is trying to close on his first home.

19:25Copy video clip URL Shot of Pratt’s kitchen.

21:45Copy video clip URL No video. Pratt narrating: “In 1995, demolition began in Cabrini-Green…infamous for its poverty, drugs, gangs, and violence, Cabrini is also home to a strong community…” He goes through several takes of narration.

31:19Copy video clip URL Outside George Robbins’s new “Robbins Multicultural Barbershop and Salon” on 160 W. Division Street. He wipes the front glass.

33:12Copy video clip URL Robbins hangs posters.

40:29Copy video clip URL A customer enters the shop and insists on a haircut even though Robbins isn’t entirely prepared.

49:52Copy video clip URL After his haircut, the man leaves the shop.

50:47Copy video clip URL Outside Robbins’s barbershop.

51:04Copy video clip URL Robbins hangs a Chicago Bulls poster.

57:47Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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