Watch It!, episode 101-1

An episode of "Watch It!" featuring short segments centered around sports. Segments cover bungee jumping, Bill Veeck, the importance of neighborhood basketball games, and more.

1:04Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg announces that this week, “Watch It” is dedicated to the fond memory of black and white television.

1:16Copy video clip URL Todd Alcott does “Look At Me” monologue, a performance dealing with television.

3:05Copy video clip URL Patrick Creadon bungee jumps with his camera. Very dramatic sequence. “Are you addicted to this?” “Yes, I’m a bungee-junkie.”

9:55Copy video clip URL “American Way”: Indio, CA. National Date (the fruit) Festival. “It’s more a la Hollywood than it is authentic.” By Skip Blumberg. We talk to camel and emu racers and see both animals in races.

12:57Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial. “The courage to live your dreams.”

14:27Copy video clip URL Old commercial for American Motors and the new Matador.

15:05Copy video clip URL Muddy Waters performance from 1983, inter-cut with interviews with Waters talking about blues music.

19:04Copy video clip URL Agoura, CA. Jody Procter practices batting and talks about the importance of baseball in America.

23:16Copy video clip URL “Nicaraguan Baseball” by Joe Angio. At the Stanley Cayasso Baseball Tourney in Managua we watch pre-game food preparation, baseline chalking, and we meet Keith Wesley Downs, a bat boy who brings his team good luck by dancing around each base with a baby doll.

26:00Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck interview from “Veeck: A Man For Any Season,” 1985. He talks about his passionate love for baseball. “The most wonderful thing in the world is a ballpark filled with people.”

27:03Copy video clip URL Joel Cohen, on-camera, explains the reason for the two-minute holes that are not yet filled by advertising.

28:55Copy video clip URL Aerial shots of Chicago with voiceover of a man talking about basketball. We then see a montage of basketball games in public parks. Title: More Than a Game. Local basketball players on Chicago’s South and West Sides are interviewed about the role basketball played in their lives. Featured locations are St. Louis Playlot, Avalon Park, Washington Park, and Garfield Park. One man talks about basketball as an actual addiction, a constant search for a new high, a new moment of glory. Glenn “Doc” Rivers, Eddie Johnson, and Rickey Green, NBA players, talk about their experiences and especially about Isaiah Thomas. Also features a Reebok TV commercial.

44:27Copy video clip URL Black and white television montage.

44:57Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial. “Are you ready to start saying ‘yes’ to your dreams?”

46:27Copy video clip URL Continuation of “More Than a Game.” This section deals more specifically with the pervasive desire by urban black youths to get in to the NBA and the risks these boys are taking in quitting school to pursue this. Success in the NBA is likened to winning the lottery and people discuss the negative aspects of banking one’s future on this gamble. Rivers talks about needing to have a “working attitude”, and how basketball changes you. “It’s an amazing feeling of joy, of release, of pain.”

58:05Copy video clip URL AIDS PSA urging condom use.

58:35Copy video clip URL Queen Latifah does PSA encouraging us to vote by bringing up the sacrifices made in the civil rights movement to earn that privilege. For MTV’s Rap the Vote.

59:23Copy video clip URL Series of commercials.

1:01Copy video clip URL End



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