Lake View Schools Coalition: Youth Employment Service Part 1

Discussion among teens and adults about the job prospects for young people.

00:27Copy video clip URL A woman, wearing glasses and a beret, is asked whether she believes it’s important to have a job. She says yes, because she has “so many bills, it’s unbelievable.” Another woman explains that it’s important because she thinks “everyone should stand on their own feet.” 

00:55Copy video clip URL Footage of a factory, of a shoe store.

01:29Copy video clip URL A teen boy explains that kids don’t find jobs “because they don’t look hard enough.” 

02:15Copy video clip URL The woman in the beret discusses the difficulties that young people have finding jobs. Needing to know someone at the workplace in order to be hired. 

03:12Copy video clip URL Interview with a young man on a factory floor. As soon as he explains his family connections, the interviewer turns to camera and the image freezes. When the video resumes, he explains the nature of the job and that, while college graduates have flooded management positions, his job will be high paying and in demand. 

04:52Copy video clip URL A very brief scripted scene depicting a job interview in which a teen’s mother accompanies her. 

05:40Copy video clip URL High school students speak with the owner of a pet store about the Lake View School’s Coalition Employment Services and inquire about possible job openings. “I don’t have anything right now but if I ever have anything I could let youse know if you leave me a number,” she replies. 

06:52Copy video clip URL End of video.



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