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  • [The 90’s raw: Venice Beach #2]

    [The 90’s raw: Venice Beach #2]

    Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s. Maxi Cohen tours California’s Venice Beach, showing us some of its usual characters (mostly various street musicians). Continue reading

  • Five Day Bicycle Race

    Five Day Bicycle Race

    A documentary made at the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City, which was produced as a live 3-hour cablecast for five days during the convention. It was subsequently broadcast on WTTW and other PBS stations. It chronicles the events in and around the convention, and includes interviews with various delegates, politicians, members of the media, and people connected to Jimmy Carter, including Rosalynn Carter and Jeff Carter (Jimmy’s son). It also includes footage from the convention floor and demonstrators outside the convention, led by Ron Kovic. Continue reading

  • [Abbie Hoffman raw #1]

    [Abbie Hoffman raw #1]

    An interview with political activist Abbie Hoffman at the Chicago Amphitheater on the 20th anniversary of 1968 Democratic National Convention. In the interview, Hoffman talks about the complicating aspects of activism, the applications used to promote and spread messages to wider audiences, and the media’s effect on American daily life. Continue reading