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  • [None of the Above raw #33]

    [None of the Above raw #33]

    Raw footage for the documentary “None  of the Above,” an in depth ethnographic look at non voters during the 1996 presidential election. This video features interviews with Michael and Holly Bowser of Morro Bay, California. Bowsers #3. Continue reading

  • [The 90’s raw: William Gibson]

    [The 90’s raw: William Gibson]

    Raw footage for the award-winning TV series The 90’s. William Gibson, successful science fiction writer (the movie Johnny Mnemonic was based on his story of the same name), chats casually with Joel Gold about his trip to Japan, his career, and the internet. He talks about his shock at the massive success of his first book, “Neuromancer”, which sold 6.5 million copies and initiated a new style of science fiction writing. “I thought that science fiction had become so conservative that I thought Neuromancer would be either ignored or held up for special scorn.” Continue reading

  • Spin


    This tape documents an interesting period of time in the early ’90s when people with a satellite dish could receive pre-air non-broadcast feeds. The author captured hundreds of hours of this footage and it is an invaluable look at the way politicians craft media appearances. An extremely valuable tape, both for the general knowledge of media and a specific look at the 1992 presidential race. Continue reading

  • [The Nation panel: The Nader Factor]

    [The Nation panel: The Nader Factor]

    A videotape of a live panel discussing the effect Ralph Nader had on the 2000 presidential election. The whole event appears to be taking place on a several day-long cruise. The moderator was Victor Navasky, publisher of The Nation. The panel was comprised of journalist Eric Alterman, historian and author Larry Goodwyn, political commentator Molly Ivins, radio DJ and author Studs Terkel, and law critic and The Nation columnist Patricia Williams. Continue reading

  • [Media Burn on Nightwatch]

    [Media Burn on Nightwatch]

    A partial episode of the show Nightwatch, a show where Gene Siskel presents samples of independent film and video and discusses them with callers. Tom Weinberg is a guest on the show, presenting Media Burn. Continue reading

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