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  • Mason Reese: A truly singular boy

    Mason Reese: A truly singular boy

    Child star Mason Reese was a TV phenomenon of the seventies, whose precocious presence in dozens of commercials led to TV talk show appearances, widespread fame, and even a starring role in a sitcom pilot. He had an uncommon and wizened quality that sometimes made it hard to believe he was actually a little boy. He frequented talk shows, especially “The Mike Douglas Show,” which he even co-hosted at times. It is almost unreal to see a seven-year-old boy, whip-quick, […]

  • [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Dick Simpson commercial]

    [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Dick Simpson commercial]

    Raw tape for the 90’s election specials. This tape covers the filming of a Dick Simpson for Congress commercial. Simpson was running against Dan Rostenkowski in the 5th congressional district. The commercial involves a full studio audience of cheering supporters and some live music.

  • We’ll Be Right Back

    We’ll Be Right Back

    A “Nick at Nite” broadcast from August 20, 1989, of a show featuring classic television commercials from the 1950’s, 1960’s; and 1970’s. Included are commercials for Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Roy Rogers Quicker Shooter Hat, Mystery Date Board Game, Brylcreem, Mr. Clean, Hai Karate, and Charmin.

  • Image Union, episode 0015: Commercial World

    Image Union, episode 0015: Commercial World

    Work by Chicago commercial filmmakers. There is a mix of actual commercials, parodies, and regular films. Works include “The Honeymooners” by Goldsholl Associates, “Four Commercials” by Paul Chen, “The Ritz Newsiola” by Siporin Film Productions, and “American School for Stuntmen” by Michael K. Goi.

  • [Media Burn on Nightwatch]

    [Media Burn on Nightwatch]

    A partial episode of the show Nightwatch, a show where Gene Siskel presents samples of independent film and video and discusses them with callers. Tom Weinberg is a guest on the show, presenting Media Burn.

  • Image Union, episode 0524: Death In The West

    Image Union, episode 0524: Death In The West

    Image Union program featuring the documentary “Death in the West,” a British anti-tobacco film. The film focuses on the then-controversial issue of whether smoking is harmful to a person’s health and features interviews with people on both sides of the issue. It is framed by the stories of several real cowboys with lung cancer, in order to counteract the image of smoking as a masculine activity.

  • [Eye Contact sampler]

    [Eye Contact sampler]

    Clips from vintage TV shows, advertisements, movies, and news.

  • Image Union, episode 0630

    Image Union, episode 0630

    A tape of the award winners of the 1983 U.S. Television Commercials Festival. They are: Kolotex pantyhose, John Smith’s Lager, Martini, Cinzano, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Eggs, Yoplait yogurt, Samboy Chips, Tefal Toaster and Coffee Maker, Wright’s Coal Tar Soap, British Airways, Falstaff Cigars, Terry’s Famous Chocolate Orange, Western Australia, Spontex Sponge Cloths, American Lung Association, Miller’s Outpost, U.S. Open on CBS Sports, Ford Escort, Chameleon Sunglasses, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Budweiser, Rainiers Beer, Stroh’s Beer, Wendy’s, Revlon, Timex Quartz, Kaypro Computer, Pioneer, Great America, Mastercard International, Sentry Insurance, D.O.C., MCI Long Distance, Megabucks, Brooklyn Bridge’s 100th anniversary and Levi’s.

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