[Chicago Tonight: Can Chicago Bulls Win in 1993?]

On Chicago Tonight, Elizabeth Brackett and a panel of sports writers discuss the Chicago Bulls' chances of winning the 1993 NBA Finals.

0:06Copy video clip URL Opening to Chicago Tonight, with Elizabeth Brackett sitting in for John Callaway. Before the start of the NBA playoffs, many doubted that the Chicago Bulls had a chance to win a third straight championship due to their poor showing in the regular season. However, the Bulls are once again the favorites to win the championship against the Knicks and the Phoenix Suns.

1:49Copy video clip URL The background report covers the Bulls chances of winning the upcoming game against the Knicks for the East Conference Finals.

5:10Copy video clip URL The discussion panel consists of Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun Times, sports columnist Tom Keegan, and George Ofman of “The Score” radio program. They discuss the Bulls’ huge improvement between the regular season and the play-offs, and how surprised they are by the turn-around in their performance.

9:13Copy video clip URL The panelists discuss Michael Jordan’s dominance in the league, and they also talk about the other players in the Bulls.

14:08Copy video clip URL They talk about the importance of coach Phil Jackson. Keegan thinks that the role of coaches in professional sports is overstated, but the other panelists do not totally agree. They also talk about the Knicks’ coach, their strategy, and their playing style.

21:02Copy video clip URL Tape reel skips and rewinds.

21:14Copy video clip URL End of tape, before the end of the program.




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