[Quentin Young tape #1]

Dr. Quentin Young, of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, describes the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, especially focusing on the violence that injured some 1100 people. He delivers his narration from Grant Park, Federal Building, Daley Plaza, and Bughouse Square.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape opens with a shot of the Chicago Hilton entrance.

00:44Copy video clip URL The camera turns to a closeup of the Michigan Ave and Balbo Ave street corner sign.

02:00Copy video clip URL A new shot appears, this one of a grassy, shady hill. The camera pans up the hill to focus on a bronze statue.

03:27Copy video clip URL Somebody calls “action,” and Quentin Young begins narrating. This statue is that of General Logan, where demonstrators gathered during the 1968 Democratic Convention. He was a member of a medical team that has had experience treating injured protestors, and did so during the convention.

04:20Copy video clip URL He notes that most injuries he dealt with were inflicted by police officers — not National Guardsmen. He notes the especial interest in the attacks upon the press.

05:00Copy video clip URL Young puts the number of injured that were treated at 1100.

06:20Copy video clip URL As Young tries another take of his narration, he makes it clear that these protesters were from the 1968 Democratic Convention. He notes the explosion of violence when the police attacked the press, and that most injuries were of the sort that come when a victim is fleeing.

07:45Copy video clip URL Young does another take, noting this time his membership in the Medical Committee for Human Rights, a group that had worked in the “Southern Freedom movement.”

08:35Copy video clip URL Young contrasts the cities characterization of the event as a “strategy of confusion” by the protestors with the one that the Medical Committee saw: a “strategy of contusion,” by the police.

10:25Copy video clip URL The audio needed from this location seems to be concluded, but the slow-motion video continues on.

12:30Copy video clip URL In the background of the b-roll shot of General Logan, the construction of the Trump International Hotel can be seen.

13:25Copy video clip URL Young begins his second set of narration, noting that he was called to Washington, DC to testify on what he saw at the 1986 Convention. He and a few others were called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC).

14:10Copy video clip URL Young enumerates the “tragedy” of consequences that has come in the wake of this committee, before beginning to read out an excerpt from his own testimony.

14:30Copy video clip URL “I wish to inform you,” Young says to the committee chair, “That on October second, I instructed my counsel to enter a suit in federal court reflecting my belief that the House Committee on Un-American Activities is now and has been an illegal and unconstitutional tribunal.” He would very much rather, he says, to not partake in the hearing. But, as his Committee’s reputation stands at risk, he must.

15:40Copy video clip URL Young derides Chicago city officials for not putting the proper health and safety safeguards in place around the Democratic Convention.

16:25Copy video clip URL Young begins another take of this second set of narration. After faltering, he begins the third take. He reaffirms his opposition to the Committee on Un-American Activities, as well as the subpoena that forced him to testify in Congress.

18:50Copy video clip URL Young points out how instrumental the Medical Committee for Human Rights’ volunteer activities were to alleviating the otherwise horrific brutality that went on during the week of the convention. He also is sure to affirm that he will under no circumstances allow the HUAC to compel him to break his patient-client privilege.

20:45Copy video clip URL Young says that he is happy to give the information which the HUAC requests, but rejects the Council’s authority to force him to do so.

27:00Copy video clip URL Slowed-down video clips continue without any pertinent audio.

28:40Copy video clip URL Young’s narration returns, and he cites his location as Daley Plaza — the “seat of government for county and city” of Chicago. He notes this government’s responsibility for the safety and health of Chicagoans.

29:35Copy video clip URL Young expounds on both the successes and failures of the state and city government when it comes to public health. He cites the reduction in funding combined with the increase in demand as the cause of some of these failings.

33:00Copy video clip URL Slowed-down clips, as before, continue without any pertinent audio.

35:40Copy video clip URL Young begins to detail the latest challenges to the national public health, and proposes his solution: universal single-payer health insurance, the sort common in other developed countries.

36:30Copy video clip URL A woman’s voice can be heard, and she exclaims wildly about the pressing nature of homelessness in Chicago.

39:15Copy video clip URL Young begins another set of narration, this time in Bughouse Square — the “citadel” of free speech in Chicago. Young details his membership in the American Medical Association (AMA), and how critical of them he is. He says his membership is an attempt to push them in the direction that he thinks they should be headed: towards national health insurance.

41:20Copy video clip URL Young begins another take of this set of narration, placing special emphasis on the importance of free-speech to the city of Chicago and his membership in AMA. He notes as well his optimism that national health insurance will be passed, despite AMA’s objections.

45:40Copy video clip URL Audio ends.

1:31:35Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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