Save Adult Education (original edit)

Protests and political action to prevent Illinois from drastically cutting the budget for adult education in the state.

00:20Copy video clip URL Announcements to a large crowd about protests for budget cuts to adult education programs. The camera remains on the crowd as the speaker discusses the effects of the funding cuts and the goals and demands of the protesters. 

02:00Copy video clip URL Funk music plays. The camera pans across crowda. A blackboard reading “Save Adult Education.” A handwritten sign reading “Organization of Hourly Trained Specialists.”

03:08Copy video clip URL A teacher discusses different adult education programs, including a G.E.D. class designed to prepare adults to take a test awarding them the equivalent of a high school diploma. 

04:30Copy video clip URL Ana, an adult student learning English as a second language, speaks about the necessity of adult education for immigrants, for people who don’t speak English as their first language, and for people without a high school diploma. 

05:31Copy video clip URL Speaker Joan Jeter Slay says that they understand the budgetary difficulties but that she and the people in adult education are extremely knowledgeable about squeezing the most out of a small amount of money. It’s about priorities, she says. She calls out the legislators for demanding that people get off of welfare and other social programs but then deny funding for programs that would enable that social mobility. She will be at the hearing in Springfield on May 11, she says. 

06:45Copy video clip URL Footage of the legislature, accompanied by funk music. 

08:35Copy video clip URL Outside of the legislature, Slay offers instructions for the supporters of adult education that have gathered. 

09:35Copy video clip URL A man named Kenyatta, a representative from St. Mary’s, explains his support of Bill 1650 and the need for adult education for all poor people. 

10:27Copy video clip URL A representative, the chairman for the House Higher Education Committee, speaks to a small crowd inside the building. He expresses his support for the bill.

12:03Copy video clip URL Another representative expresses support for the bill. 

12:38Copy video clip URL Spanish-language folk music plays over footage of students in a classroom. Another folk song, partially in English, follows.  

15:30Copy video clip URL Slay discusses the bill becoming a “political football” in which party politics became a barrier to passing it, even though every legislator they spoke to wanted to support it. 

19:04Copy video clip URL Arturo Telado and Aguileras Sigifredo discuss the need for people to organize to fight for their rights. 

20:30Copy video clip URL Discussion between Telado and an adult education instructor about the reasons for the state’s drastic budget cuts towards GED programs. 



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