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  • A followup to one of our favorite videos from THE 90′s

    A followup to one of our favorite videos from THE 90′s

    One of our most powerful and popular videos is this interview by Eddie Becker with his daughter, Erika Becker, recorded in 1989 when Erika was 11. She talks openly about living with cerebral palsy, including what it does, how it makes her feel, and how other people treat her because of her disability. Twenty-five years later, Erika is now a mother and fashion designer. Today, we’d like to share with you the original video and this followup video from 2012 … Continue reading

  • The creation of a news story

    The creation of a news story

    A day in the life of Newsday‘s Mike Waldman On assignment for THE 90′s, Washington correspondent Eddie Becker spent a day with Myron “Mike” Waldman, correspondent for Newsday‘s Washington Bureau, as he went about his job. Waldman’s assignment that day was a story about a bill for the extension of unemployment benefits, and while it may not be the most sensational topic, it provides a unique look into the day-to-day life of a journalist at the time, even when it’s … Continue reading

  • “I won’t pay taxes for killing…”

    “I won’t pay taxes for killing…”

    As April 15 approaches, some people will write their checks feeling as if the money they pay will be spent by the government to pay for things that directly contradict their beliefs. This tax week’s videos were originally part of THE 90’s TV series, seen on TV in 1991 and 1992. The first segment is about a Massachusetts couple who file their tax returns, but give the money to charities—for disabled veterans and for local needs. The husband is serving … Continue reading

  • Are you ready for The 90′s?

    Promo for The 90″s. We see the 90″s opening, plus favorite clips. Continue reading

  • Beijing Journal (Tiananmen Square, 1989)

    Beijing Journal (Tiananmen Square, 1989)

    25 years ago today, the protests in Tiananmen Square turned into a massacre as China’s own military turned against the protesting citizens, resulting in hundreds of civilian deaths. The struggle for democracy was summarily crushed, and in the months and years that followed, the Chinese government further strengthened its position and tightened restrictions in the country. In memory of that grave day, we present the tape “Beijing Journal,” which was recorded over the course of a few months in the … Continue reading

  • CamNet, episode 1302

    CamNet, episode 1302

    Epidose 1302 of “CamNet,” a two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s. This episode features video from a tunnel infrastructure project in Oahu, Hawaii; a subway construction project in Los Angeles, California, and Louis ‘Studs’ Terkel speaking at his bridge dedication ceremony in Chicago, Illinois. Continue reading

  • Inside the post-debate spin machine

    Inside the post-debate spin machine

    As the final presidential debate approaches, take an inside look at the 1992 face-off between President George H.W. Bush, Governor Bill Clinton, and H. Ross Perot, moderated by Jim Lehrer. THE 90′s takes us inside “Spin Alley,” where political consultants and spokespeople including Marlin Fitzwater, Mickey Kantor, George Stephanopoulos, and Orson Swindle attempt to craft the post-debate story in favor of their candidate. Don’t miss it. Watch the full debate special from THE 90′s.

  • The 90′s Election Special: It’s Debate-able

    The 90′s Election Special: It’s Debate-able

    “It’s Debate-able” features an inside look at the 1992 presidential debate in St. Louis and the various media tactics the candidates used to their advantage. Segments include video from candidates’ debate prep, spin rooms, satellite tours, and commercials. Continue reading