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  • 3rd Street Promenade Music

    3rd Street Promenade Music

    This video shows four outdoors musical performances on the 3rd street promenade in Los Angeles. The first plays a kazoo and banjo, the second a hammered dulcimer, the third a violin, and the final a guitar. Continue reading

  • A few 90’s people

    A few 90’s people

    Various segments with people featured on The 90’s. Robert Demella talks about being a cab driver in New York City. Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, talks about how she got into the business of prosthetic breasts and her business “Nearly Me.” “On Our Land,” about Appalachians struggling against mining corporations trying to take their land. Erika Becker talks about having Cerebral Palsy. John Parker distributes drug needles to addicts in a controversial effort to prevent the spread of disease. Andrew Jones documents the Iraq human peace camp. Continue reading

  • Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    This video has several segments the first being a musical performance in what looks like a coffee shop. The second is a reading of a journal that was kept between the days of January 20 and 24 of 1991 by an Israeli-American living in Israel at the time of Saddam Hussein’s bombing of Israel in the Gulf War. The last two parts are of a bar in LA that is being threatened to be torn down and a friend of Binder, the filmmaker, chatting with her in his home and then performing for her there. Continue reading

  • Are You Ready for The 90’s?

    Are You Ready for The 90’s?

    Promo for The 90s. Continue reading

  • Are you ready for The 90’s?

    Promo for The 90″s. We see the 90″s opening, plus favorite clips. Continue reading

  • Barbara Canellas (Pinced Cut)

    Barbara Canellas (Pinced Cut)

    This video shows an interview with a local radio host in Venice Beach, CA. He is an advocate for “grass-roots radio,” and is purportedly in a prolonged legal battle with the FCC on the constitutionality of their jurisdiction. Continue reading

  • Blame It On The Media

    Blame It On The Media

    Raw tape from the 1992 Democratic National Convention in New York City. We talk to a man holding a camera who is wearing and selling “Blame it on the Media” t-shirts. He talks about whether we should blame it on the media and says everyone edits their shots and their stories. We then see him shooting Madison Square Garden and talking about the things he has shot that week. Last minute of tape repeats itself. Continue reading

  • Blues in the Big House

    Blues in the Big House

    Raw footage shot for THE 90’s. Raw footage of a concert at Cook County Jail featuring an inmate band and the All Bubba Blues Band. Interviews with members of both bands takes place backstage. Continue reading