[Veeck baseball clips]

Footage of baseball highlights and highlights of Bill Veeck's career, including many of his famous promotional stunts.

00:19Copy video clip URL Hank Greenberg at the 1945 World Series. He gets hit by a pitch and follows it up by hitting the series-winning home run.

00:52Copy video clip URL “Mickey Mantle, greatest switch hitter of all time.” Highlights of him breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record.

01:50Copy video clip URL A gap in the tape.

02:05Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. Jackie Robinson breaks the “color barrier” playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Highlights of Robinson’s play.

04:21Copy video clip URL A gap in the tape.

04:40Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. A young Ted Williams. Curt Flood highlights.

07:03Copy video clip URL Catfish Hunter, Curt Flood, and the gains of players in the 1970s, testing the reserve clause and leading to free agency. Andy Messersmith.

09:01Copy video clip URL Tape resumes after another break. Yankee Stadium and Babe Ruth. “The greatest single attraction in sports.” Ruth sets a home run record, hitting 60 home runs in one season. Babe Ruth’s fame. His training regimen.

15:01Copy video clip URL In 1932, the Babe is out of shape. He needs to train hard.

15:32Copy video clip URL Chicago Cubs sluggers. Hack Wilson. Rogers Hornsby. Hack Wilson meets Babe Ruth.

17:29Copy video clip URL Break in the tape.

17:53Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. Mark “The Bird” Fidrych.

23:32Copy video clip URL Satchell Paige. 3rd Annual Negro League reunion in Kentucky.

24:30Copy video clip URL Bob Feller.

24:55Copy video clip URL Joe DiMaggio. 56-game hitting streak.

27:09Copy video clip URL Yankees vs. Dodgers. “Subway series.”

29:10Copy video clip URL Casey Stengel, manager of the Yankees and the Mets.

32:57Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

33:23Copy video clip URL Silent baseball clips. LA Dodgers.

34:05Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

34:29Copy video clip URL “Bill Veeck, as in wreck, is a singular figure in baseball history.” Narration of Bill Veeck’s career in baseball. Clips of Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, Chicago White Sox 1959. 1976-1980 with the White Sox.

35:50Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

36:04Copy video clip URL Bryant Gumbel, a tribute to Bill Veeck. Veeck: “It’s not the stars that are expensive, it’s the high cost of mediocrity.”

39:00Copy video clip URL Charles Finley and the Oakland A’s.

39:25Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

39:50Copy video clip URL This part of the tape has a really loud, high-pitched tone over the narration.

40:40Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

41:03Copy video clip URL More narration about Bill Veeck. Interview with Rudie Schaeffer.

42:42Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck and Larry Doby.

45:26Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck and Mary Frances Veeck.

47:10Copy video clip URL The St. Louis Browns. Eddie Gaedel.

47:48Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

48:05Copy video clip URL Tape resumes briefly. Comiskey Park.

48:25Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

48:44Copy video clip URL Veeck lands “Martians” on the baseball field in a helicopter. Parade after the White Sox win the 1959 pennant.

49:27Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

49:49Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. Veeck as owner of the White Sox from 1976-1980.

50:41Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

51:03Copy video clip URL Bowie Kuhn, commissioner of baseball, speaking about Bill Veeck’s legacy in baseball. “He’ll be remembered as an innovator.”

51:44Copy video clip URL Gap in tape.

52:03Copy video clip URL “Baseball is in his blood.” Veeck’s childhood, growing up around baseball. Veeck, mingling with fans. Veeck’s ideas are commonplace in baseball, where once they were frowned upon. “At least I tried to entertain people, along with giving them a good ball game.” The St. Louis Browns and Eddie Gaedel. The White Sox exploding scoreboard.

56:40Copy video clip URL Veeck and his family. How he spent his retirement between stints as owner of the White Sox.

58:26Copy video clip URL Pitchers.

59:05Copy video clip URL Assorted silent shots.

1:00:45Copy video clip URL Oakland A’s footage. Manager Billy Martin argues with an umpire.

1:02:06Copy video clip URL Wrigley field, empty.

1:02:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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