[Chicago Slices raw: Women In Baseball Clinic #2]

WOMEN IN BASEBALL CLINIC at Comiskey Park. Interviews with staff and participants in a baseball clinic designed to encourage female involvement in baseball. White Sox 3rd base Coach demonstrates hand signs of previous season. Tips on batting from the batting Coach.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage continues from tape 14113. Videographer talks with Dolores Mueller about giving an interview outside the ballpark.

00:17Copy video clip URL Videographer walks with the group through the cinder block and concrete back passages underneath and behind the stadium. Interview with a White Sox employee who talks about the excitement of the Women in Baseball clinic. B-roll of a panoramic photo showing fans catching a foul ball.

01:24Copy video clip URL Interview outside the stadium with Marg Wylie, age 71, from Wichita, Kansas. She notes her interest in baseball since age 5 and remembers seeing Satchel Page pitch. She dated a man whose father played with Casey Stengel. The first time she came to the ballpark she was a guest of Stengel. Mesmerized! She grew up with baseball, talks about being one of the original Wrigley Field “Bleacher Bums,” and how Cubs home games affected her performance (absence) at work. She shows off her shirt: This body is Honed. She notes her surgeons are the surgeons for the Cubs and the Bears.

04:20Copy video clip URL Interview with Theresa “Terry” McKinley-Uselmann and Dolores Mueller. Uselmann says she met Mueller playing for a minor league team for the All American Girls Baseball League. It was similar to the movie A League of Their Own, traveling in a bus, meeting fans. She played in 1949 and notes that the women were competitive. They wanted to win; this was not a side show. Most of the fans took them seriously and would not make fun of them. Mueller says at the time they met a few of the men players but there was no camaraderie between men and women players.

07:42Copy video clip URL Mueller notes that today’s clinic was good, the women were energetic. Uselmann notes that the questions asked were good and the earlier sessions and panel discussions were interesting. A member of the Afro-American League spoke, wives of players spoke. She wants to see more women in baseball in some capacity, maybe not competing with men because they are not competitive with one another.

09:52Copy video clip URL Videographer notes a female announcer and commentators are female. Uselmann and Mueller say their favorite voice of baseball is Jack Brickhouse, the Hawk, and Tom Paciorek. Mueller considers baseball is a men’s game and softball is a women’s game, though she herself played baseball. Mueller notes she was a pitcher. Uselmann played every position except second in the minor league but in the major league she played outfield. In the minor leagues Uselmann batted over .400. Mueller hit many home runs over the 350 foot wall.

12:58Copy video clip URL The videographer mentions that he once was referee at a woman’s football game and thought it would be easy, but it turned out to be stressful because of how aggressive the women were.

13:23Copy video clip URL Mueller and Uselmann note that they are the first two women inducted in the Old Timers Baseball Association. They say that 50th reunion for the All American Girls League is August 4.

14:30Copy video clip URL B-roll of their Old Timers Baseball Association pins and rings.

15:33Copy video clip URL They note that they never saw Penny Marshall but saw Geena Davis and Madonna.

15:50Copy video clip URL Mueller and Urselmann give contact information.

16:20Copy video clip URL B-roll, driving along expressway. Videographer records notes to editor but there’s no audio.

17:00Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of the Chicago Slices billboard sign nearly completed. No audio signal.

19:44Copy video clip URL Audio turns on. Continued b-roll of the Chicago Slices billboard, various shots.

20:34Copy video clip URL A little girl plays with a toy video camera. No audio.

20:55Copy video clip URL END



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